The Andropov Drill


It was Monsoon Monday Morning again.

In just a few hours Mr. Andropov, also known as The Dropper, would be orchestrating one of his thunderous and torrential monsoons upon the Indian subcontinent.

Mr. Andropov lived in the clouds.


He had been a Dropper since the Ice Age and he loved his job.

He was also very good at it.

Over the centuries he had perfected the Andropov Drill, a precise and orderly approach for drops of water to exit the clouds and float down liltingly and safely to Earth.


The Andropov Drill had been practiced by billions upon billions of drops over the centuries.

It went just so:


Stand at the edge of the silver lining,

Secure the vapor parachute…


…and drop off.


Mr. Andropov, by Karim Ajania, page 1