Raindrops that drop


From a distance, raindrops that drop with the vapor parachute, upon observing The Andropov Drill, look somewhat like this:


Vapor parachutes quietly evaporate as they leave the cloud and meet the sunshine while raindrops blossom into robust drops:


Eco Systems on the clouds


There are two distinct commanding and competing and conflicting cloud eco-systems in the Sky:

a. The cloud commanded by Mr. Andropov, which is known as “Monsoon Monday Headquarters”.

b. The cloud commanded by Ganatra, for data mining purposes, which is known as “The Cloud”.

Monsoon Monday Headquarters’s 
Cloud Cotton Clothing Cooperative


The Monsoon Monday Headquarters cloud, has its own “cottage industry” designed by Mr. Andropov’s wife, Madame de L’eau.


Madame de L’eau has designed a colorful, artistic ‘clothing’ industry in which the colors of her rainbow designs are weaved together. This local cottage industry of bespoke clothiers is called the Cloud Cotton Clothing Cooperative (CCCC). At CCCC ‘clothes’ are made for the Andropov team.


Montgomery, for example, has clothes made that resemble a more military uniform type attire which he refers to as his “fatigues”. Mr. Andropov is a great admirer of Lord Nelson and has his personal ‘Stratus Row’ trained dresser (The Dresser) dress him in “Nelson-esque” attire:

A red sash against a distinguished navy blue over-jacket with high collars brocaded and woven in golden sun cloud cotton threads. As with Lord Nelson, Mr. Andropov also carries a telescope.


The Cloud’s 
Sun Shadow Sewing and Stitching

While Mr. Andropov prefers for him and his team to wear colorful and rather flamboyant ‘camp’ attire, Ganatra prefers all black.


Ganatra has clothiers for him and McCloud called the Sun Shadow Sewing and Stitching (SSSS) which stitch and sew dark clothes. Only dark clothes are made by SSSS and the black is obtained from the shadow areas where the sun does not enlighten The Cloud. Dark black turtle necks and slacks tend to be the dark and dull and drab and dreary attire preferred by Ganatra and McCloud.